BRB, Booking These AirBNBs

by Madison Silvers

With “frigid” LA temperatures dipping into the 60s, we’re due for a tropical vacation. We know, we know, but in our defense we aren’t built for winter! The entire country is in the midst of some of the coldest weather of the year so there’s never been a better time to catch the first plane pointed South, and with an entire world (or country if you’re not feeling too crazy) to explore we just need a place to stay. While I enjoy hotel room service just as much as the next girl, AirBNB has made it easy to live like a local without the luxury price tag. Don’t believe me? Take a look at some of the best they have to offer and start planning your next getaway.



If Mexico’s beaches weren’t enough to tempt you over the border, this house should do the trick. You’ve probably seen it featured on your favorite travel blogger’s Instagram page, so you know your pics will make your friends and followers jealous. Live out your Little Mermaid fantasies without dipping below sea level.



An indoor pool that looks straight out of a 5-star spa and a terrace made for basking in the sun, what more could you ask for? Sure, airfare to Africa might be less than affordable but we’d like to direct your attention to the previously mentioned pool. Can you say, “worth it?”



At the risk of sounding like your friend from college who spent one semester abroad, Europeans know how to vacation. Case in point: Santorini, Greece. This place has ocean views that put all others to shame, a private veranda for all the sunbathing you could want, and a plunge pool to watch the sunset from, so have you started packing yet?



If your parents never let you host a slumber party in your treehouse back in middle school now’s your chance. This Hawaiian hideaway is perfect for that technology detox you keep promising to try, and with digs like this you won’t even miss your phone…after you post it to your story that is.



Brazil is known for its beaches, but battling the crowd for a spot in the sun isn’t exactly what you imagined when you planned a holiday. One solution? A private beach just for you. Now that’s problem solving in the best way possible.

Madison Silvers
Madison Silvers