Our Story

Based in Venice & inspired by the iconic, active style of our home, SKATIE creates sustainable fashion that epitomizes the laid back, California-cool vibe. Using exclusively surplus & upcycled fabrics, we disrupt the wasteful practices of the fashion industry -- all while making you look as amazing as the world around you.

Co-founders Skatie & Mandi first met in 2011, when they enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles. Both were design majors: Skatie in fashion, Mandi in the visual arts. They connected instantly! As students, they had different majors, but knew their skill sets would compliment each other in the future.

In 2016, the two friends put their heads together to conceptualize SKATIE. They built the brand from the ground-up right in Skatie's living room and launched organically via Instagram. After years of witnessing the wasteful practices within the fashion industry, Skatie and Mandi were on a mission to disrupt the industry and make an impact. Fabric composition, locally sourced manufacturers, and compostable mailers are pieces of the puzzle, but SKATIE was founded on the idea that sustainability encompasses more than just an environmental responsibility. They chose production partners that value a work-life balance for their workers, as demonstrated by paid vacation time, standard hours and a fair wage. Sustainability is ethical.

Skatie & Mandi have always worked collaboratively on all aspects of the brand, with Skatie’s focus on design & production and Mandi’s on creative direction & operations. Though SKATIE is less than four years old it has quickly grown from a small swimwear brand based out of Skatie’s home to an expanding collection of swimwear and active wear in our own local Venice, California office & showroom.

Both of them agree: this wouldn’t be possible without one another, and without all of YOU.

It's been an AMAZING ride, and we can't wait to see what comes next!



Skatie Noyes Hutchinson

Born on the lakeshore in Chicago to a family of eight kids, Skatie Noyes Hutchison is a California girl with a Midwestern soul. Heavily influenced by her family - specifically her Gramsie- she began sewing at age six. While studying Fine Art at Tulane University she enrolled in a study abroad program focused on Surfing in South Africa where she would meet her husband, Edward. It was in South Africa when Skatie realized fashion design was her real passion and that she wanted to transfer to FIDM. She soon made this dream a reality and moved to LA to attend FIDM where she met her now co-founder Mandi and planted the seed that would bloom into SKATIE. After working in all aspects of the fashion industry from interning at showrooms to assisting as a designer, and eventually heading up a design team, she took all her knowledge and brought SKATIE to life.

Skatie lives in Venice with her husband Ed & their Pomeranian George and when she’s not working you can find her surfing at the beach.

Mandi Glynn

Mandi’s childhood home was in the middle of the woods in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate NY, where she lived with her parents and older sister. She spent most of her time on Canandaigua Lake with her besties. She was creatively inspired by her Dad, a skilled craftsman. Through endless creative projects and sports, he taught Mandi a never-give-up attitude. Mandi’s mother, an Autism specialist, gave Mandi her patience and determination. She taught her to look for the positives in every situation. Mandi thanks her parents for teaching her to be independent; which gave her the courage to move across the country after graduating from high school. Mandi moved to LA in 2009 to attend FIDM, where she met the one and only, Skatie.

Mandi lives in Venice with her fiancé Sean. They love traveling, live music and spending time with family and friends. She enjoys hanging with friends at the beach, local bars and restaurants.

“One thing I love about Skates is that she’s an open book. You never have to guess what she is thinking because she has likely already told you. She is an extremely hard worker and would do absolutely anything for the people she loves!”


“Mandi just gets sh*t done. She’s hardworking, smart and most of all the kindest human ever. I know I can rely on Mandi for anything and that she always will bring an open mind and positive attitude to any situation.”